Flyer the Tax Cat


Offering tax advice to avoid “cat”astrophic errors.


The history of the Tax Cat

Flyer (given to her because of her colors and being from Philadelphia, Philadelphia Flyers) was found in 2015 as a feral cat in Germantown.  It took Wally over 2 weeks to be able to feed her and catch her.  She was taken to ACCT ( who spayed her and checked her out for free and we agreed to return her to Germantown. She could stay in the kitchen of the B&B for a night…… then a cat door in the basement for her……and everyday Wally came into the office or B&B, he fed her…then he’d take her up to his office where she kept him company while working long hours during tax season. In 2019 the B&B was sold, and Wally’s office moved to Roxborough…. originally the buyers agreed to take the cat but then decided against it. Now she is settling into her office and after being in a tax office for more than 4 years,  she feels it’s time to offer her own purrfect tax advice.


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