Small Business Coaching

As your small business coach, I will help you set goals with realistic benchmarks so you can measure your business’s progress. We’ll identify your strengths and how to capitalize on them. We’ll work together to address your stumbling blocks and plan strategies to either get through them or work around them.

I have owned my own small businesses and rental properties for over 40 years. But even before then, my parents owned a business with ten employees. As soon as I could hold a dust rag in my hand, they put me to work. I literally grew up in a small business.

As an accountant for over 35 years, I have dealt with many small businesses. I’ve seen success and failure.  Prior to being an accountant, I worked as a counselor and therapist, and I am a non-denominational ordained minister.  Combined skills with my 35+ years of experience I will help you on a personal, emotional, and practical level to start, grow and run your small business.

We can meet for one session ($75) if you only have a few questions, or you can buy a block of five sessions for $325. Each session is half an hour.

We can discuss the tax saving advantages of a small business.
Where to market your business
Is this person my employee or a contractor?
How can I save taxes by hiring my children?
Can I write off my home?  Car? RV?
What about Airbnb and short-term rentals?
How does a rental property save in taxes with a positive cash flow but a loss for tax purposes?

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Tax Preparer Coaching

Every person who works or has an income must file a tax return and most of them will hire someone to prepare their returns for them. You can make a living working 3-4 months a year. This could also be a side hustle or a full-time career.  Become a respected professional able to prepare tax returns and save taxpayers money.  You can be a seasonal tax preparer or offer year-round tax services in addition to other services like tax planning and bookkeeping, etc.

What software will I need?
How do I electronically file a return?
Am I required to electronically file tax returns?
How much can I charge?
What education do I need?
Do I need continuing education?
Can I really make a living working three months a year?

Are you interested in being a tax preparer?  I have a Video That gives you basic information and will help you to set up your new tax practice. Everything you will need to know to get started.    What else do you need?   You may have additional questions or need additional help. In running your tax business.    This is where I offer coaching for new tax preparers.      I have been preparing tax returns since the Tax Reform Act (TRA) of 1986.    I spent a several years auditing tax preparers. I will help you start, grow, and run your tax preparation business.

Each half hour session is $75. Five sessions for $325.
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