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Great experience  and opening my first business.   I did the 10 sessions for small business coaching.     Got a lot of good info and able to look at possible issues.    Nice to have Wally be a part of my business team.


Lisa Horwitz
I was looking for an accountant with expertise in filing with the City of Phila as I do some work as an independent contractor. I found Wally at the Bottom Line to be incredibly helpful, friendly, easy to work with and competitively priced. I have been so happy to have him as my accountant over the past several years. He has also served my family well with advice about financial planning, and I worked with him one on one getting some financial coaching when life circumstances changed suddenly. This too, proved to be helpful, focused and on point. He provides low tech services (bring all your papers in) for my mom, and I appreciate the ability to upload documents to a portal from home. Win-win!
krystal smith
My husband and I are self-employed and Wally has been very helpful in understanding the tax code and and our deductibles in a not-straightforward line of work. We’ve been with Wally for two years so far. I took Wally’s Business Coaching series and in that process I did actually open my business. I feel confident in my accounting and know that I have someone I trust fall back on.
Sarah Zimmer
As a business owner, I can safely say the The Bottom Line has significantly improved my understanding of my business. This allows me to make better decisions. The two previous accountants failed to explain the more detailed aspects of taxes and bookkeeping to me. A friend who referred me to The Bottom Line was absolutely correct about their level of personal care and ability to help me understand, with answers to all my questions. I am happy to refer them to anyone needing an accounting service, especially small business owners.